Planning Your IT Relocation

Planning Your IT Relocation

The process of relocating business technology equipment is no walk in the park. It can be the most stressful and hazardous part of moving offices. This aspect of relocation cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. Think ahead! Planning your IT relocation in advance is essential in order to have a positive moving experience.

Your business technology is the life of your business. Any mishaps and your company could be looking at dire consequences, both financially and operationally. The issues could range from a phone line not working to the loss of vital data. Your company cannot afford to make any assumptions or to be caught off guard. Follow these tips on how to be prepared before the move.

Call your carrier in advance.

The best rule of thumb is to call your carrier at least a month in advance. Doing so will allow time to avoid extra costs and any other unwelcome surprises. Your business should contact and begin work with carriers as early as possible, this will give the carrier the time to properly prepare for the breadth of your needs.

Take a pre-move backup

By taking the time to do a pre-move data backup, your equipment that was working and powered down at your previous location will boot up with configurations and data intact at the new location. Taking a pre-move backup may cost some time or inconvenience, but it is completely worthwhile. Think of the possible accidents that could happen during the move. Something as simple as your server bumping the side of the moving truck and disconnecting something internally. By backing up everything, you are saving yourself from possible disaster.

Create a document with contacts separate from your database

There is no such thing as over-preparing. By creating a list of contacts, you’ll be able to look up contacts, account numbers, passwords & escalation contacts during a move if unexpected situations arise. Create a document with all your contacts, separate from a database, which you might not be able to access during a move. Carry it on your smartphone and in a paper copy.

Insist carriers test and certify their work.

It is dangerous to assume that installed cabling is functional to specifications and will end up where you expect. Even mixed up labels on wall outlets can cause unnecessary time wasted. Make sure your carrier is prepared for the work you expect from them. Make sure they are on the same page as you.

Strategize your furniture and carpeting plan for your new location beforehand. 

Do not delay on the strategizing of your carpeting and furniture planning at your new location. The most frequent causes of stressful moving are the delayed delivery and installation of furniture and carpeting. After furniture and carpeting are complete, plan adequate time for cabling completion. It is important to have this done ahead of time. Voice and network cabling cannot be completed through modular furniture until it’s delivered and assembled. More often than not, delays in delivery and assembly create the need for cabling teams to work through the night. This can be expensive and stressful. Don’t be caught off-guard.