Nevada IT Solutions is here to help your business proactively identify, analyze, and repair security issues, as well as create a comprehensive, risk assessment strategy and program.

Optimize application, data, and asset security while reducing risks and costs. With risk management solutions for Nevada IT, you reduce your risk liabilities by automatically discovering your vulnerabilities, implementing a necessary endpoint, network, and data security software; and setting up continuous monitoring and management of your IT environment.

When you are dealing with multiple operating systems, networks, servers, desktops/laptops, users, applications and databases, managing change can be a constant battle. Nevada IT Solutions helps you absorb the beneficial changes to your environment while preventing disruptive changes.

Risk Assessment Practices

Assess risk, define the problem, and take appropriate action based on key metrics based on the needs of your business. Through continuous monitoring and management of your IT environment, you can have complete visibility into your risk standpoint while reducing the headaches, complexity, and expense of managing IT risk.

Our Risk Assessment Practices:

  • Align and unify fragmented processes and controls.
  • Automate collection, correlation, assessment, response, and monitoring.
  • Leverage dynamic risk intelligence, what-if analysis, and policy-based response to proactively identify and block threats.
  • Ensure security and risk programs cover all devices, data, and IT infrastructure. Pull together all security and risk information across the enterprise into one platform for more efficient and effective management.
  • Monitor the situation continuously and proactively to detect and
    • Respond to changing risk, maintain compliance, and prevent future security events.
    • Deliver value.

    A comprehensive security and risk management strategy enabled by a risk-aware and automated management platform will help your organization:

    • Achieve meaningful situational awareness through rich context and analysis.
    • Diagnose and respond to incidents in seconds, not hours, to reduce damage, prevent data breaches, and lower remediation costs.
    • Experience fewer security and compliance incidents and lower per-incident costs.
    • Simplify compliance policy processes and reporting to improve operational efficiency.
    • Reduce the number of vendor platforms, hardware, and software used for security management.
    • Reduce training time and operational cost.

Our Goals

The goal of our risk assessment is to identify, prioritize, and assign accountability for managing strategic, operational, financial, as well as any possible reputation risks that may occur to a business.

Our experienced information security consultants will work closely with you and your team to get a complete picture of your security posture. By using an objective methodology, we evaluate the likelihood and potential impact of risks, as well as help your business understand its inherent risk exposure. When a company gains the preliminary understanding of its inherent risk, it helps you develop an early view on its strategy for risk mitigation.