Security breaches and service interruptions are costly and can threaten an organization’s reputation. Nevada IT Solution’s Penetration Testing can define and prioritize your security risks.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is also known as “ethical hacking.” By testing your applications for possible threats, it allows us to find out how an attacker would gain access to your system and provide ways to better secure your system.

Our Approach

Nevada IT Solutions doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work together to resolve the level of network security sophistication that is necessary for your business specifics and then build a penetration testing program tailored for you.

At any given time, there are hackers out there employing a number of automated software and network attacks, looking for ways to penetrate your security systems. By performing a penetration test, we can provide IT management with a view of your company’s network from a malicious point of view.

Penetration testing goes further than simply helping your organization meet compliance requirements. What it does, is show you how an attacker would potentially gain unauthorized access into your company’s technology environment by compromising your email systems, firewalls, routers, VPN tunnels, web servers and other devices.

When you are dealing with multiple operating systems, networks, servers, desktops/laptops, users, applications and databases, managing change is a constant battle. Nevada IT Solutions helps you absorb the beneficial changes of your technological environment while preventing disruptive changes.

The Benefits

Penetration testing helps companies determine the weaknesses in their network, computer systems, and applications through a quality security assessment.

We work with our customers to build an accurate profile of what your primary business function is, where the threats are coming from, and what the goal of the security assessment is.

By now you are probably starting to understand the necessity of having a penetration test conducted. However, defining the scope and nature of a penetration test is dependent upon what the drivers are for an organization, which will help determine the goals going into an engagement.

The key benefits of Nevada IT Solutions’ Penetration Testing include:

  • Identify Security Risks: Our security experts identify the information and assets that are at risk
  • Identify Test Readiness: Depending on your maturity, our testing services help address your security
  • Meet Compliance: Experienced testers understand compliance requirements
  • Improve Security: Obtain a prioritized list of items that require necessary action