5 Signs That Your Business Has Outgrown Its Free Email Solution

5 Signs That Your Business Has Outgrown Its Free Email Solution

When your company is first starting out, utilizing free email solutions is great. However, if your company begins to become successful, it may outgrow the free email solution option. But, how do you know when your business has reached this point? The email requirements for a larger scale business are very different from those of a start-up. Look for the following signs for knowing when it’s time to upgrade your email solution.

As your company grows, so should your software and services, including your email solutions. If you don’t upgrade, your email solutions could hold you back. If find that your company is in need of even just one of the signs from this list, then it’s time to consider upgrading to a paid email solution.

  • Storage: Free software often comes with a limit on storage. A storage max is most likely one of the first signs you will face showing that it is time to upgrade. You want to have the leisure of not having to worry about deleting or changing the way you use your email. Paid email solutions offer larger storage options. Simple fix.
  • Tools: Free email solutions are typically lacking in tools that offer detailed options. When you upgrade to a paid solution you will be equipped with a variety of inbox – and user – management tools. These features will enable you to spend less time managing your inbox because it will do the work for you.
  • Security: If you have found yourself in the midst of a security breach, or, for that matter, even worried about one occurring, then it is time to upgrade. Situations such as these require a sophisticated, reliable security email system.
  • Data: By paying for email solutions you are opting out of receiving ads from your provider. Often times, when you agree to free email terms, you are giving the provider permission to have partial access to your data, allowing them to send ads. This occurs as a way to stay profitable regardless of the free services. This is distracting and puts your security at risk.
  • Domain names: A simple way to show that your business is professional is to create a custom domain name for your business email. “[email protected]” looks much more professional then “[email protected]”. Paid email solutions will solve this issue for you.

It’s time to upgrade to an email solution that offers increased security, enhanced customization capabilities and a variety of other features. This will keep your business running smoothly as your email solution grows with your business and your IT team won’t have to spend time on free email level issues.