network security computer service RenoWhat do businesses have in common today? All of them are victims of network security. There was a time that only large companies are worried about network security breaches, but now small businesses are attacked as well.

However, in our new technology where everybody from home to computer services corporation relies on the web from email to storage of sensitive files, each of us are expose and no one is immune to the havoc that viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers can wreak.

So, what if small businesses were attacked? How can you keep your network secure? Most small businesses do not have specific budget for the IT side especially for network security. However, the failure of having a secure network will cost a company more than spending a computer service security specifically in Reno.

Things small businesses should learn about reducing chances of becoming the prey:

1.Employees Are Your Biggest Asset And Your Risk
Nevada IT Solutions, a network security and computer service company in Reno help businesses from getting expose to other network security.

It is necessary to create a company culture of vigilance. First thing is knowledge about computer and network security. Educate employees about the risk and how they get to exposure. Instruct thoroughly not to check email or any attachments from unknown sender. Reduce non-work related surfing by implementing terms and conditions in using the web and inforce them.

2. Being Online Is Being Vulnerable
Given the frequency which new viruses are announced, there is no fool-proof process to ensure absolute network secuirty if you’re connected to the web most of the time.

So what can you do? Plan for the best structure and place in dealing with this viruses. Nevada IT Solutions can help you in keeping your business from email-borne threats.

3. Back To Basic
What every small businesses should secure is their computer network. Here are some points that could help.
i. Regular change on passwords:
The NCSA recommends a high encrypted password that are at least eight characters mixed in symbols, alphanumeric and case sensitive. Never share password to anyone and change it every 60-90 days.
ii. Updated Anti Virus Application:
Each day new viruses are created therefore it is significant to update anti virus software in all workstations and servers.
iii. Firewall:
Firewall switch/application provide strong protection between your workstations and the world outside. It filters and blocks potential threats and unauthorized data from the web. Be sure to setup the software and hardware firewall for your small business.
iv. Email Anti-Virus And Spam Filters
Do you have your own company email? Then, you should use filters to intercept email viruses and spam coming through emails in order to protect not just your workstation but also your network. Mostly this emails come with attachment and those that run automatically regardless of an attachment.

Spam is the biggiest waste of space in our daily inbox. Spam is inundating the internet with many copies of the same message again and again in an attempt to force people who would other not to choose to receive it.

While no one can guarantee a high rate of full package in protecting your business network security, it is crucial to be proactive and have contingency approach. The best proactive approach in placing the proper network security for businesses is outsourcing this function to computer servicing company and professionals. This outsourced IT computer service professional help businesses save time, access quick reports and audits, as well as the expertise and resources that is not available in-house. Nevada IT Solutions is a computer service company in Reno will bring these experts to your company and help you get a jumpstart on the security of your network.