How To Deal With Risks of Changing IT Companies/Personnel

How To Deal With Risks of Changing IT Companies/Personnel

Do you have any experience or heard of stories about firing an IT person or a company? I am sure you have….. The person or the company that has the keys to the kingdom, which pretty much they have control of your business and its flow. The person that’s not easy to disable their account once they leave the company.

Do you know someone right now who’s in a law suite with their previous IT company/Personnel, who decided once their contract has been terminated they went ahead and damaged your Exchange server, locked out a few services, modified your firewall, or even deleted your backups. Sounds scary does it ? all these are interesting facts concerns right?

Well, here at Nevada IT Solutions we have seen a lot of these cases, especially when the client delivers the news to the IT person/company that they are moving on…Not the most strategic things to do, why?  You have to expect the worse when things have came to this point, especially dealing with emotions, anger and that could lead to very bad consequences.

Here’s a few tips we recommend you do before you are delivering the bad news and mitigate the risk :

  • Work with your future IT person/company a month in advance to make the transition and have a plan of attack
  • Ask your current IT to give you all the passwords and network topography as your organizing your business and streamlining it.
  • A day or an hour before delivering the bad news, change all the passwords, it will make it easy if you use an SSO (Single Sign On) service.
  • Backup your data even though you have other backups, just in case.

Overall, being proactive to is key, and this is what we adopt here at Nevada IT Solutions, when it comes to risk management, IT consulting, IT services.

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I am sure you know someone who’s dealing with this and we would love to help them, so please pass the message along.