11 Gmail Hacks That Every Professional Needs to Know

11 Gmail Hacks That Every Professional Needs to Know

A perk about Gmail is the list of gmail hacks that make it possible to spend less time following up on emails and more time growing your business.Email is the tool that shackles most professionals to their desks or smart phones for hours each day. However, email is necessary. When it comes to email, there are tips and tricks to maximise your productivity. Gmail is generally the email platform of choice among professionals (it probably should be). A perk about Gmail is the list of gmail hacks that make it possible to spend less time following up on emails and more time growing your business.

Many entrepreneurs agree that the following hacks are the best in the biz and will ensure time well spent.

The “Promotions” Tab

Through this tab, you have the power to electronically weed out the marketing emails from the important ones that need your attention. There are few people who would agree that marketing emails are a joy to have flood your inbox. This tab will allow you to focus your energy on your primary inbox.


This is a Chrome extension that lives in your inbox. This is a multi feature extension that allows professionals to do so many time saving things. You can schedule meetings with one click, utilize email templates, create sequences, track emails and more. Simply put, it makes your life easier.

Follow Ups

Followup.cc is an email reminder software that integrates with Gmail. This tool allows you to schedule emails to go out on a specific date at a specific time. You can also set reminders for when to follow up on actions. This gives professionals the power to create reminders and to-do lists all within your inbox. This will save you a ton of time.

Inbox Pause

Prevent distractions with Inbox Pause. If you find that your day is being eaten away because of constant responding to emails, and if those emails aren’t helping you meet your work goals for the day, then you should try limiting access to your account. Inbox Pause is a program that allows you to freeze your gmail inbox until you are ready to sort it out. This will allow you to focus your time elsewhere in your work.

Integrate Rapportive Through LinkedIn

Rapportive is a tool that allows users to pull in the LinkedIn profiles of your email contacts. This adds ease to your work day stress because it takes the guess work out of your tasks. Through this tool, you have instant access to the contact’s name, company name, position, photo, and more. You can add the individual on LinkedIn directly through Gmail with this tool or click on their full LinkedIn profile to learn more.

“Whitelist” Emails With SaneBox

Through this tool you are able to “whitelist” email addresses that are important and they will go directly to your inbox. Anything else will slide into a less important “Saneletter” box. This tool gives you the option to unsubscribe from useless newsletters and generally be more organized in your email life.

Track Every Email You Send

Through tools such as Yesware, you can see when and where every single email is opened. It will also track every link you send. This information will allow you to be more organized on your follow ups and appropriately create emails to fit each follow up. You can also batch-send emails. This truly is a must have plug in for a growing business.  

Consolidate Your Inbox

Unroll.me is a huge time saving tool. This creates a single daily email consolidation of all of the pertinent newsletters you receive daily. This allows users to scan all of the topics in one single thread scroll, read the articles you want, and move on. It also simplifies the unsubscribe option so you don’t have to go through each individual email one at a time. This lets you consume content on your own terms.

Canned Response Emails

This is a great time saver for both you and, if applicable, your customers. Through business emails and contact forums, the same questions from customers and consumers are often asked multiple times a day. With canned response emails, professionals can reply to FAQs, advertiser requests, interviews, and much more in just seconds rather than minutes. This adds up to several hours each week. It is also beneficial to the the person receiving the response because it will be done so in a more timely manner so they aren’t waiting long for a reply.

Email Labels

While we all generally have our emails open all day it is not time effective to answer each one as they roll in. Go through your emails and label the ones that aren’t that important in a specific folder. This allows you to organize which ones need your attention first and foremost and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

Undo Send

Protect yourself with Undo Send. This saves you from the embarrassment and the potential detriment to your company of sending an email before it is ready. This is an error that takes valuable time to correct. Gmail’s “Undo Send” setting allows you to recall emails up to 30 seconds after they are sent. Although this may seem like a short amount of time to fix things, you will be thankful for those 30 seconds to right your wrong. To enable it, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of Gmail and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Under general settings, make sure that “Enable Undo Send” is checked.

You are now equipped with an arsenal of Gmail hack tools that will save you time. Professionals, spend your time wisely and use the tools at hand! Grow your business!